Millionaire Executives, Billions in Revenue

Providence St. Joseph Health has grown into a massive corporation that is prioritizing executive pay, profits and expansion at the expense of quality patient care. Below are the executive compensation figures for 2017, the latest year that information is available. 1

Name Title Total Compensation
Rod Hochman President/CEO $10,533,384
Mike Butler President $4,624,609
Debra Canales EVP/Chief Administrative Officer $2,910,666
Rhonda Medows, MD EVP/Chief Population Health Officer $2,708,746
Amy Compton-Phillips EVP/Chief Clinical Officer $2,516,017
Annette Walker President of Strategy $2,497,415
Cindy Strauss Secretary $2,376,334
JoAnn Escasa-Haigh EVP/Assistant Treasurer $2,039,774
Sharron Dwyer EVP/General Counsel $1,892,322
Richard Afable EVP/PSJH So. CA Region $1,662,841
Darrin Montalvo President of Enterprise Services $1,634,290
Aaron Martin EVP/Chief Digital Innovation Officer $1,616,390
Vemlat Bhamidipati EVP/Treasurer $1,486,287
Todd Hofheins Former EVP/CFO/Treasurer $1,406,722
Orest Holubec SVP/Chief Communications/External Affairs Officer $1,616,390
    Total: $41,178,675

See Providence’s full IRS Form 990 for 2017

Clearly, Providence executives’ bank accounts are very healthy – Providence can afford to prioritize the health of patients and healthcare workers as well.

Alongside executive pay, Providence’s size, revenue and profits are soaring:

  • Explosive annual revenue growth, from $14 billion in 2012 to $23 billion in 2017.2
  • $780 million in profits and $11.3 billion in cash reserves in 2017.3
  • Two $150 million for-profit venture capital funds.4
  • Over 1,000 facilities in seven states, including 50 hospitals, more than 50 long-term care facilities and 860 outpatient sites.5
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